Best Ways to Hang Posters – Know Them and Follow Them

best way to hang posters

Is there a right way to hang a poster? While there may not be a rule written on a rock on how you should hang posters there are best practices definitely. A poster is a creative work of art and when you hang it the right way its appeal increases. You find posters everywhere these days. Most offices use posters to promote a competitive culture and motivate their employees. At homes they add to the décor and also serve as a great way of reinventing the look and feel of your rooms. Want to do something new without spending hundreds of dollars, just do it with posters. All said and done you would be able to get the best out of posters when you hang them the right way.

Listen to the experts….

Like experts in everything there are people who have gained specialization in hanging posters. Just kidding! But when it comes to learning the best way to hang posters you should always listen to what experts have to say. These are people who have researched extensively on the Internet, found tips and hacks on how to do it the right way and present it to you on their blogs. Unlike searching for videos on YouTube where there are dozens of meaningless videos for every good one when you read an expert’s blog you would be able to learn about the right ways on how to hang posters.

As you may have already seen different people hang posters differently. Often the choice of option is based upon individual level of expertise and things that are available at home. If you read through their blogs you will be able to read about the various tips and best practices on hanging posters and choose one that suits you. For instance if you need to add decorative elements to the posters, you can make use of decorative tapes around them.

Best way to hang posters quickly…               

So what are the experts saying about how to hang posters? Here are three ways of doing so quick and easy –

  • Magnets – If you are worried about using tapes or damaging your walls while installing posters you can make use of magnets. Take four pairs or magnets and install four magnets on the walls using tapes once you have taken the measurement. Place your poster carefully and put the remaining four magnets over the earlier once.
  • Cloth hangers – This is perhaps the simplest way of hanging posters. Here you would need hangers that have gripping clips and you can simply hold the posters to the clips and hang them on your walls.
  • Strings – If you have a number of small posters you can tie a string from one end of the room to another and use paper clips to hang the posters.

When you know the right ways of hanging a poster you’d surely add to the décor of your home and office. Listen to what the expert have to say on this and you’ll always draw inspiration from those poster and enjoy complements from your guests and clients.