Death: Inevitable truth of life

Life and death are two sides of a coin. One who has taken birth will leave this world one day. Death is inevitable. It is the ultimate truth of life. Still, we all are afraid of this unavoidable situation. It has to come one day either today or tomorrow. William Shakespeare says in the drama Julius Caesar, “Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once”. It is better to face death once in life rather than dying every time we think of the scary death. It has the power to overcome all the living creatures of the world.

Time is changing and it is better to move with the changed scenario. It is very common to hear about Life Insurance Plans and majority of the people prefer these plans so that your family members do not suffer due to your untimely demise. Nowadays people are also opting for funeral preplanning to make the funeral rites and ceremonies hassle-free. Funeral pre-planning is an option to go for the last rites according to your choice. Departing the world forever with the arrangements of your liking may give you inner peace and satisfaction.

Benefits of Funeral Preplanning 

  • Funeral pre-planning makes your last rites a little smoother and organized because you planned it in advance giving your family less financial strain. Due to emotional constraints in the hour of grief there are so many things which are skipped and forgotten by the members giving them guilt of not performing all the rites properly. 
  • Though it is an overwhelming situation and none wants to talk about his/her death yet the lively person of this world sees positivity in this aspect of life also and wants to customize all the last rites as per their wish and choice. 
  • One of the most relevant benefits of pre planning is to donate your organs after your death. It helps you to apprise your kith and kin about your last wish of being buried or cremated. If both are not acceptable many people live even after their demise by donating their organs. 
  • Pre-planning gives you an option of choosing the casket or the coffin. It is ultimately your last wish of being carried in the casket of your choice.

It is that crucial moment when no one thinks to take out the money from the pocket. Funeral pre-planning helps you to lessen the burden of the rites on your family members as the company with which you have pre-planned everything related to your death will spend the money on the entire ceremonies.

Pre-planning funeral cost is affordable and you can pay in instalments in the period of three years, five years or ten years. It is advisable not to do the full and final payment prior to the expected time. Instead, the amount can be deposited in the bank bringing interest or investing life insurance policy bringing good interest on the deposited amount. Funeral pre-planning is a good choice as it assists your family members in the time period of emotional upheaval when decision making becomes a little slow due to their irreparable and irreplaceable loss. The bereaved members got a relief and could spend their time in cherishing the memories spent with you when you have left them all alone.