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Do you want to build a healthy career in PR field?

The exciting field of public relations offers plenty of career opportunities for recent grads. Being interested to get started in PR, you may wonder about the best way for getting your foot in the door. Do you need to attend networking events or try for landing an internship at a PR agency?

Few steps to follow for becoming a PR professional

Decide your PR passion

Do you want to work with several different companies? Or, do you passionately seek in-depth knowledge of one specific company? Your answer will determine which direction you wish your public relations career to take. For instance, when you want to work with multiple brands and get a high level view of several different industries, you should work at an agency like Mobile PR agency and that would be the best bet for you. But, if your interest is to get really hands-on knowledge of a particular industry then you can work with an in-house PR team.

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While you are not confident about the direction you want to take, you can take on an internship at a PR agency and you will get overview of the different types of accounts PR specialists work on as well as the hands-on experience you need to succeed in the industry

Build your skills

PR is often referred as storytelling and if you want to be a PR professional then you should be able to define and promote the stories of the brands you work with. For doing it effectively you will need strong communication skills with a solid understanding of media and marketing trends. Relevant classes like communications, marketing and media studies are important for building your skill set, developing your knowledge of the media industry and giving you great insights of how to really engage an audience.

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You can also take freelance project or even create a brand of your own to develop your skills. Make sure that the project demonstrates your understanding about how to create a brand identity. Suppose you have interest about fashion, then starting a fashion blog and creating a brand strategy around it is a very good idea.

Internship can help

You can gain hands-on experience of working with clients through internship and it also helps you to get a sense of what types of brands and industries you’d most enjoy to work with. You can work on developing brand strategy, support account executives with managing client accounts, write press releases, and manage social channels and so on. Internship will help you to add valuable experience to your resume and you will be able to understand what you really want to do with your PR career.

Interview process

In interview, you need to show that you are well informed about the industry and also passionate about working with clients to help defining and promoting their stories. Some common questions that you may encounter in an interview are:

How do you define public relations? Which is your favorite brand and why? These questions are for testing your understanding of branding and marketing techniques. If you want to answer them effectively, demonstrate that you are passionate about the field and want to learn more. Best PR agency in India can help you with further guidance.