Features for Real Estate Customer Relationship Management

A system that makes you interact effectively with your customers or clients, be it potential clients or current, is Customer Relationship Management. It is for this very reason that when we talk of CRM and real estate, it becomes an extremely important tool. The real deal here is to select the type of CRM you would want to invest in, the one that is specifically designed keeping in mind the real estate sector or the general purpose CRM. The truth here is that it is always better to invest in an software that is best and a software for real estate is not same as a software like any other. In case you wish to have optimum control and also fits your pocket, then you should consider a real estate crm software.

Certain needs that can be satisfied by real estate CRM software:

Irrespective of the real estate operations that you and your company are managing, leads is something that is of prime importance. The reason being that leads handling is different in all the fields and thereby needs a special system to cater it. Below mentioned are some needs that the CRM would take care of:

  • Repeat business need not be your focus, which is a rare scenario
  • Leads can be sourced via referrals and listings
  • Working on the existing relationships so as to generate some new referrals out of them
  • Quicker and efficient dealing of the lead-to-close situations
  • Coping effectively with the different levels of involvement that take place all through the process of sale

To maximize the efficiency in real estate a Multiple Listing service feeds are required which cannot be accomplished with generic CRM.

Features required for Real Estate CRM are:

  1. Lead Management: It is very important to have an efficient contact or lead management system. This system ensures that all the people are categorised based on different factors such as the referring party, leads, competitors and clients. Also a further classification of a hot or cold lead can also greatly help.
  2. List Management: One thing that should be your top agenda is this as this would be the source for all your income. The CRM will categorise your data and create lists that would be highlighting your deals, events, offers and commissions. Attaching documents along could further simplify the job.
  3. Emails: even though the basic thinking of the current generation is going ahead with social media marketing. but still email remains as the most professional way of communicating.
  4. Drip email: These are basically auto generated replies. Imagine you subscribe to an online newsletter and receive a welcome mail. It is this welcome mail which is auto generated.
  5. Compatibility with all the other platforms: MS Office and Google docs is something that is commonly used by all and having a compatibility with such tools is of great help. Therefore this is something that one must add to the list.
  6. Mobile Capability: Being an agent one is mostly on move and a CRM that is cloud based and also compatible with all your devices like Smartphone and tablets gives you extended control. One should definitely take safety features seriously in this case when dealing with financial information.