First Steps of Home Gardening – How To Begin?

home gardening

Living in a small apartment far away from your countryside, one may find it difficult to see greens. Personally speaking, I love to see beautiful plants and flowers as soon as I open my eyes. I have been trying my best to find out ways to make that happen. I could not find a better apartment in my budget and near to my work-place no matter how hard I tried. Thus, I came up with an idea to get some beautiful flower plants for myself. But guess what, these plants are not so cheap to get. Also, planting and all-time gardening were not possible.

You need to get plants that would survive in less sunlight, does not require a lot of caretaking and simply can grow on their own. Thus, I came across this DIY Recyclable gardening. I will share my ideas with you. So, if you are in a similar condition as me, you would find these hacks cool.

What is Home Gardening?

Home Gardening is a self-explanatory term. When you implement a farming system in your home area or the nearby area the term can be coined as Home Gardening. One need not be a farmer or a know it all gardener to start. A beginner can start their little garden in their backyard or even a small balcony. All you need is a few recyclable pots, right soil and fertilizers, and some seeds or small plants to begin with.

How to begin?

The first step will be to choose what kind of garden do you want. You may choose to have a vegetable garden, or herbs garden, or flower garden or any other. You just need to know what plant do want in your garden. On a bit of personal advice, you should start with one single plant and see if you can carry on. I started with a small cactus plant. They do not need much sunlight and water thus was a lot easier for me to start. Slowly and steadily I moved toward a vegetable garden and added some flower plants too.

Pick the Correct Spot.

Once you have started, make sure that you keep your plants in the place you get the most sunlight. This may be a difficult task if you live in a very small compartment and do not find prolonged sunlight. Choose the place adequately and clean up before you start planting.

Clear the ground and Improve your soil

If you have a backyard it’s better to clear p the trash and clean up a little, Digg up your ground and improve the quality of the soil. Before you sow your seeds or plant make sure there is enough air in the soil and manure and fertilizers are added. DO not overdose on fertilizers they are as important as vitamins for a human.

Plant your flowers.

Once you are ready, sow your seeds. Plant the flowers you wanted. Make sure that the seeds are deep enough to get the sunlight, water, and nutrient from the soil. Do not show them too deeply, the seed may die. Start watering once you have planted them. Make sure what seeds are you choosing. Different plants have different demands for water frequency.

How to maintain my Garden?

If you are making a garden in your backyard, it will require a lot of maintenance. You need to see to it that every plant is growing well. Mow your garden if needed. Take the weeds out. Do not let the unwanted plants take up the nutrients that you are supplying for your required plants. For a bit larger plants or small trees, you must prune out the unwanted parts. The plant parts that are dead or outgrowing you can prune them down.

Get rid of bugs

Harmful bugs and insects tend to eat up your plant and leave them for dead. Make sure they are not there. You need to check for them regularly. Instead of using very harsh insecticides, better use a mild pesticide & insecticide. If your plants are already infected by bugs and insects, it’s better to seek professional help for pest control.

Keep your Garden Clean & Tidy

As much as you like to live in a clean home, plants require that too. Treat your plants as little children, who will be creating a mess. Remove the dried leaves. (Make compost out of the plant excretion). Use homemade compost with your vegetable residue and fruit peels etc. Remove the dirt and run over the soil. The untidy, and dirty garden will invite more insects and bugs that would harm your plants.

Well, there you go. If you need small pots, seeds, small plants, or fertilizers along with the plant boosters, you may visit your nearby gardening stores. I just got all my stuff from Amazon. They deliver all sorts of gardening tools and seeds, plants fresh and in good condition. Grab on to the best of the pots & fertilizers in the upcoming After Christmas Sale. You may choose to make your pots out of recyclable boxes at home. Use old plastic jars or cardboard boxes. You can make a small hanging garden out of small jars and hang in your plants in your balcony. Make sure to use good ropes to tie your plants to avoid them from falling. A small hanging garden can sustain small plants. Do not put larger plants in the hanging pots.