Freedom of Movement Granted by Electric Mobility Scooters

Needless to say that scientific innovations and research conducted for the benefit of mankind in the field of medicine and crafts have worked wonders for the elderly, handicapped and physically incapacitated persons (who could be both young and old). Those who could not even dream of moving inside and outside their homes independently – couple of years ago – have acquired the means to do so at an affordable price.

One such innovation is the electric mobility scooter which has granted independence and freedom of movement not only to the elderly but also to paraplegic (affected with paralytic stroke on the side) and those suffering from multiple sclerosis (morbid hardening of the arteries of the lower limbs) or other walking disabilities.

Some of the benefits of an electric mobility scooter are being elucidated as under:

Economically viable to operate and maintain:

An electric mobility scooter is cheaper to operate and maintain. In fact, there are hardly any maintenance expenses to incur. The scooter is run on batteries which are re-chargeable periodically after running for a considerable number of hours. The built-in charger can be connected to your household electricity outlet for a specified number of hours for getting the batteries fully charged. In sharp contrast, the gasoline run engines require regular maintenance (tune-up) and change of oil, air-filter and oil-filter. And, of course, they need gasoline to run them.

Freedom of movement for the elderly and disabled:

An electric voordelige scootmobiel  is comfortable to sit in and is easy to maneuver. Besides elderly and physically incapacitated persons, even those with obesity problem (up to 250 pounds) have found the scooter very useful for moving around with ease. Both three-wheelers and four-wheelers are manufactured by the companies-depending upon the roads, grounds and pavements on which they have to operate. Four-wheelers with powerful electric motors and their ability to scale inclined surfaces and to move through rough terrain-are ideal for outdoor travel.

Noiseless / Environmentally Friendly:

Being run on batteries, the mobility scooters are virtually silent and have an additional advantage of not emitting any smoke or poisonous gasses-which the gasoline-operated engines do. They are, therefore, ideal for maintaining peaceful environment in and around the malls, airports, and even within the homes.

Effortless operation:

A manual wheel chair requires strong arms and upper body of the user to move it from one place to another. In comparison, an electric mobility scooter requires very little effort to operate it and even people with feeble physical constitution can maneuver it with relative ease and confidence.