How Education is being Reinvented in India

Education in India

“To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”, this is exactly what the educational institutes of India are trying to do. With the technological advancements, new trends have been introduced at various educational institutes. Wherein, Experiential Learning is said to play an important part in the learning curve of the generations to come. This type of learning process focuses on developing students’ skills, and knowledge from direct experiences. Thus, a lot of educational institutes have started adopting this form of teaching to promote civic engagement, interdisciplinary learning, intellectual and professional skills.  It further provides opportunities to students’ to make decisions, take initiative and be accountable for the results. Moreover, experiential learning is concerned with concrete issues related to the learning context and the learner. That is why, it has become the new trend in the educational institutes.

The other trend which has contributed in the reinvention of Education in India are smart classrooms. These are basically technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for learning. It is achieved by integrating learning technology. Thus, in a smart classroom, you will find assertive listening devices, computers, specialized software and audience response technology. This modernized method of teaching has further made the process of learning enjoyable. As instead of writing on the board, a teacher in smart classroom explains topics using PowerPoint presentations, audios, videos and images. Further, as per records, students’ studying in smart class gets a better result than the one studying in a regular class. Therefore, a lot of schools are now opting for smart classes.

Furthermore, educational institutes are now focusing more on practical part and not just theory. Now the students are also asked to indulge in more internship programs. By doing so, they will be able to gain the required knowledge. Now the focus is more on the practical knowledge, so that each student is able to understand the topics properly and get excellent results.

Moreover, a lot of institutes have introduced programs, wherein they allow students to choose subjects of their choice. Therefore, under such programs, an engineering student can opt for a course in humanities. This allows student’s to pursue the subjects they are interested in. However, only a few institutes have adapted these latest trends. There are still a lot of educational institutes, which are following traditional teaching methods. Further, for developing analytical and leadership skills in students’, we must follow these new trends. If we will be able to build a strong education system, then the future of this country will be secure. Thus, more institutes should adapt these teaching methods for reinventing education in India.

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