How to Design Cosmetic Packaging Boxes in 2019 Nail Polish

Nail polish packaging

Nail polish boxes are made up of the paper board, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. These materials are highly customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that give a professional image of the brand in the most sustainable and affordable way. They are really cheap in wholesale yet premium in quality.

2019 has been the most amazing year by far in packaging.

Companies have made it to the top and created some mind-blowing products with really appreciable packaging. Where we have seen some truly interesting and striking product boxes, we have also witnessed companies flopping like crazy.

custom Nail polish boxes

Can’t complain as it is hard to maintain a well-built reputation with the products in the market as the competition is not easy with all the customized containers for products, more specifically in the beauty industry where there is no limitation and restrictions when it comes to packaging. It is the most versatile industry that depends only on the best presentation and impressive product boxes because the products are almost the same, especially the ones that are used frequently and on a daily basis.

By the way, is not packaging all about the better presentation?

Nail polish is one of the most frequently used beauty products that is so underrated when it comes to packaging. You have been seeing a wide range of nail polishes piled up on the shelf at a retail store that is a major turn off for the customers because the brand name is the first thing they desperately look for.

The packaging does not only fulfill basic packaging needs like protection and containment but also helps in creating a worth of the product and the brand. It also helps customers in picking up a better product.

Nail paints are not commonly packed in boxes gives you a chance to get the most out of it by using customized nail polish boxes.

Seeing the packaging trends this year in 2019, here are some of the amazing tips to design your million dollars cosmetic packaging.

Create brand awareness 

A well-developed brand name and logo on the box speaks volumes about the quality and worth of the product, also gives a more trusting feel. Get custom nail polish boxes with brand name and logo to give your customers a more trusting and worthy feeling, which makes it easy for them to make a purchase.

Brand identification

Make it more presentable 

Have you ever thought on what basis customers prefer one product over the other when both of them are packed in their cases and are not visible to them?

What makes them decide that this product is better than the one on the other shelf?

Well, it’s the product presentation through the encasements that hold the product.

Customization gives you an amazing opportunity to create something unique and captivating for the packaging of the product without any restrictions and limitations.

  •    Mind the material 

Nail polishes come in different shapes, sizes, and mostly in glass containers. It is important to give them the perfect containment that keeps the product safe from any potential damage. Paper packaging offers the strongest and the sturdiest containment to the products in the most stylish and trendy manner.

  •    Play with the shapes & sizes

Do it when you have a chance!

Imagine what you will create when you know it is possible to go for any shape, like any shape that you can think of.

How amazing?

Complementing the shape of the product go for something that enhances the appearance like;

  • Window cut out boxes; they showcase the product, and for nail paints, it is perfect as it gives a clear view of them that help customers in choosing the right color.
  • Cylindrical tubes
  • Gable containers
  • Sleeve packing
  • Flip opening lids
  • Cases with transparent lids.

Everything is possible if you are creative enough and passionate about your product.

  •    Design accordingly

Nail paint designing is all fun because you get freehand with the colors. Give those amazing shapes some identity with custom logo printing, patterns, symbols, and alluring colors.

Little inspiration:

  • Plain cartons with lid in the color of the paint
  • Kraft boxes with custom typography in complementing colors
  • Illustrations like nails, hands, and cute brush strokes, etc.

Level up the quality 

Do not miss it!

Laminations enhance the quality of the product and the brand. It is a plastic covering in different finishes like glossy and matte that gives a very fine and polished outlook.

Foiling and embossing for logo and other important details are the way to go if you want to jazz up your product presentation.

Authenticity, check!

Besides design elements and containment, packaging plays an important role in creating worth and professional image of the brand.

Custom nail polish storage boxes and product packing must be kept original in terms of the color scheme, printing theme, and fonts or other details if you want to make it effective.

Be inspired and take motivation from the famous and popular most selling products and brands but add your own spark in it.

Sustainability, double-check!

2019 is in favor of eco-friendly packaging as it is the need of an hour to go green as non-ecofriendly packaging has left us on the verge of being deprived of clean natural resources that are necessary for survival.

Paper packaging is the way to go!

It is bio-degradable and recyclable, which makes it highly appreciable and lovable by the consumers.

Stop right there if you are thinking that it is going to strip you of your fortune to get such high-end packaging because wholesale custom packaging is the cheapest than any other alternative that is available in the market, whether it is a product or nail polish subscription boxes.

You are going to make a remarkable image among the customers and the competitors with an incredible product presentation.