How to make the best first impression in the business

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They say that the first impressions are everything, and most of us, surely, will take the majority of important decisions at a glance. You may not know it, but when you know a new person in a social or professional context, you will have a minute to decide whether you like it or not, if you see a romantic potential in relationships or if you can work. with them.

In the business, this first impression is extremely important because it can determine whether or not you have clients and clients. At no time, anyone with whom you speak may decide that you do not want to get involved in your services, that you do not want to get involved or do not want to associate with your company. This means that you can lose a lot of money or potentials in the race in a few seconds, and then it will be very difficult to try to change your mind.

Here, we’ll see how you can create the best first impressions of the business and make sure that people impress you as soon as you see them.


Even before you have seen the person with whom you have been in person, you will be judged before, depending on other factors, including the car you arrive. If you want to make a good impression in any company, In this case, it makes no sense to reach a strong shock that can hardly lead; Rather, you should get to a business car or limousine that has the professional air and foresees success. If you can not afford it or if you do not need to use it regularly, renting is always an option or just use a business taxi.


Your appearance will also have a significant impact on the unconscious way your potential customers see you, although this is not the case. Although it is not crucial to look like a model, you should certainly strive to improve your appearance, as it will suggest that you are interested in the meeting and that you may seem professional and that you are well presented.

The things that can make a big difference here are a good haircut, fine shoe polish, nails clean and even its size. Studies show that older participants are more likely to do work and that the general public considers that their intellectual coefficient is higher. Therefore, if you have a pair of shoes that can give you a boost in height, perhaps the time has come. The holder


Of course, your ways and what you say will also be taken into account and it is important to act with professionalism and confidence. Begin to shake hands and present yourself, and then when they tell you your name, be sure to repeat it, and then use it during the entire conversation. remember. Walk well in a good position, be educated and do not leave before offering (make sure to offer it if you are at home).

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