How will I get confirmation after making credit card bill payment

With the rising use of credit cards, numerous convenient features in bill payment have been introduced by financial institutions. Multiple modes of payment along with convenience in terms of statement clearance ensure customers pay their bill on time.

From the customers’ end, paying bills within time is a necessity to avoid extra burden of late fines and penalties. Typically, financial institutions offer multiple bill payment methods along with prompt confirmation to ensure their customers receive the acknowledgement of a successful payment.

Credit card bills generally have an extended bill payment period during which customers can repay their dues without paying any interest on the due amount. With numerous facilities and high credit amounts being offered by different credit cards like Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, it is essential for customers to repay on time to enjoy maximum benefits offered by their financial institutions. Missing out on payment can have dire effect on the finances of a customer since high value credit lines lead to penalty rates on late payments.

Customers need to be aware of the confirmation they are about to receive before they move into the convenient options to pay their credit card bills. While payment itself is quite easy with the various options provided, users need to be aware of its completion lest they come across a situation where they pay twice towards the same credit card debt.

Methods of confirmation

  • SMS confirmation.
  • Email confirmation and e-bill.
  • App confirmation and statement update.

The above three sums up the primary confirmation methods involved in clearing a credit card bill. Customers can also check their credit payment status over the phone by calling the financial institutions toll free number. While considering the numerous payment methods, customers firstly need to learn how to read their credit statements correctly. Once a customer has gone through all the details of transaction in their statement, they can opt for any of the following methods of payment.

  • App: Most NBFCs and financial institutions have their personal app which can be used not just to read a credit statement and pay the bill, but for all other purposes linked to the account. Crucially, customers can use their account and CVV number to clear their payments on time via these apps.
  • Bill Desk: Other financial accounts can be used to repay credit card dues as well. Customers can link their personal accounts from other financial institutions via BillDesk facility offered by Bajaj Finserv and pay their outstanding amount.
  • NEFT: Customers must understand the steps involved in clearance of credit card payment through NEFT before using it. A customer has to link the payee and receiving account before paying the due amount; it benefits in the subsequent payments as the accounts already stay linked.
  • NACH: Customers must register for the NACH facility beforehand to avail this method. NACH, or National Automated Clearing House, allows automatic deduction of the due amount from a payee account at the beginning of each month. Linked customers do not have to go through the hassle of remembering to pay every month.

Financial institutions do not just offer convenient payment methods. Their primary focus on customer satisfaction leads them to also offer easy application methods as well. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv even bring you pre-approved offers that make availing credit cards quick and easy.

Customers should keep it in mind to clear their credit card bill statement on time since unnecessary penalty charges can topple any financial plan of a customer. Additionally, maintaining their credit limit also helps since the rates charged are more convenient if a customer does not exceed their limit.

Finally, checking the payment confirmation is a must and in case there is no confirmation customers must immediately contact the credit card issuer. This ensures they do not have to pay twice over the same bill.