Is It Possible To Get Addicted To Suboxone?

Suboxone clinic near me

Opioid addiction is a serious threat for Americans of all age groups. This problem needs to be eliminated at the earliest.The ideal way to cure and gradually erase opioid addiction is the widespread adoption of the well-planned and effective Suboxone treatment. Surprisingly this opioid addiction reversal treatment is based on another partial opioid named Suboxone. This medication is trusted by leading medical practitioners treating patients of substance abuse.

The time-tested and pioneering Suboxone treatment is widely famed for offering infallible treatment for opioid addiction. All a person needs to do is find out a Suboxone clinic near me from any search engine as soon as s/he notices anyone suffering from the heinous opioid addiction. Once a person manages to get in touch with one such reputed institute things begin to fall in place and the addicted person gets started on a reliable medicine assisted treatment routine at the earliest. This is the social responsibility of each and every one of us.Like any other emergency disease the cure from addiction too depends on the time factor.Time is crucial in treating a patient immersed in harmful drugs.

The physicians associated with the Suboxone treatment near me attempt to help an opioid addict to get back to their regular life of former times, but it is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of time, understanding and patience from the doctors, assistants and stuff of the clinic.

Suboxone– the “blockbuster” medication as touted by the New York Times assists patients in achieving thorough addiction reversal and partial pain relief every time. The Suboxone treatment procedure boasts of ateam of specially trained and certified doctors with a vast experience and deep understanding of patients reeling under the effects of drugs like opioid.

Suboxone is extensively prescribed by physicians for take-home purpose because the medicine is reliable and effective in quick recovery from opioid abuse.This partial opioid agonist is considered an ideal prescription drug to heal patients of opioid dependence for good without any risk of getting the patient addicted to Suboxone itself. The medication is merely a medium of respite thatis composed of components which help to wipe out dependency on the pernicious agonists.

Suboxone treatment is administered for treating opioid dependent individuals in specialized clinics under strict vigilance of a team of experienced and dedicated physicians to ensure the safety of both the patients and the community. It also includes therapy,counselling sessions and other courses that gradually eases the mind ofthe patient and fortifies him/her to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and they no longer crave for the same harmful chemicals.

The two active components included in this licensed drug resistive medicationare Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist, and Naloxone, an opioid antagonist,come together to make the medication perfectly balanced one. In spite of being a partial opioid agonist the effect of Buprenorphine is limited on human body and therefore is harmless when compared to drugs like heroin or oxycodone. Naloxone present in Suboxone makes it difficult to decompose and snort or dissolve and inject directly into the blood stream. The Suboxone treatment is so designed to avoid misuse.

The doctors at Suboxone treatment centres allow flexible session timings and the cost of availing this treatment is always kept reasonably low.

The medical history and the social and psychological backstory are taken into consideration when the doctors attempt to diagnose the patient, after a thorough check up they are put on the required Suboxone medication routine.

It is not possible to get addicted to Suboxone due to a number of reasons:

Suboxone treatment near me

Buprenorphine functions to lower the dose of opioid resistance in the patient and actively minimises the withdrawal symptoms.

The Buprenorphine is a long-acting form of medication-assisted treatment, and it tricks the brain’s opiate receptors for about 24 hours into feeling that a full opioid like oxycodone or heroin is introduced in the body; this suppresses the withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Thus the Suboxone medicine has to be taken only once in a day.

The patient under treatment does not get high even in case of deliberate or accidental opioid overdose. This is called the “ceiling effect” of the medicine.

The Suboxone is a safe option because the Naloxone entirely shuts down the opioid receptors in the patient’s body. This treatment procedure gradually abates and in the end removes the opioid dependency.

Suboxone is quickly absorbed via the sublingual route. The maximum concentration is reached within two hours of taking the medicine. Placing the recommended dosage of the Suboxone medicine under the patient’s tongue and allowing it to dissolve there allows very little Naloxone to get absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby causing no harm to the patient.

The Suboxone medication-assisted treatment suppresses withdrawal symptoms and cravings for opioids and does not cause euphoria i.e., the feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness from the very beginning of the treatment process.

The success rates of Suboxone medication assisted treatment have been charted at 40-60% at an average.

The Suboxone treatment is virtually painless as it hinders the withdrawal symptoms to torment the recuperating patients during the treatment procedure. While methodical addiction counselling and medical assistance make the recovery from the effects of withdrawal quick and easy while fortifying the patient to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

The Suboxone medication is proved to be milder and safer than the older drug resistive medicines, namely, Methadone, Oxycodone etc. Thus, it is impossible to get addicted to the Suboxone medicine itself because the abuse potential of the scientifically designed Suboxone medication assisted treatment is significantly lower than the above named medications.

The suboxone treatment clinics provide the best-in-class treatments, counselling and therapies and walk each patients through the winding maze of addiction and does not let go of them till they are safely out of their distress.

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