Train journeys are the most comfortable and amazing. Whether it’s a long or short trip, train travel makes sure that the passengers don’t get very tired. Indian railways have trains that take a very scenic route that travelers may like to enjoy. Added to it is the food sold on the train. Many passengers get the delivery of food in train using online resources. But what we don’t think is about the luggage we carry.There are many laws you need to know about. Clutter has always been a big issue in trains, and the purpose of these Indian railway rules is to create an enjoyable experience by restricting train luggage.

The finer points of the new Indian railway luggage rules are listed,

  • AC First Class passengers are allowed to carry 70 KG luggage free of charge and up to 150 KG by paying at the parcel office for the extra weight. The luggage weight marginal allowance would be 15 KG.
  • AC Two Tier passengers would be allowed free 50 KG luggage (with a 10 KG marginal luggage weight allowance) and could carry up to 100 KG by paying the extra weight at the luggage/parcel office of the station.
  • Passengers traveling in AC III or AC Chair Car may carry a 40 KG luggage free of charge (with a 10 KG marginal luggage allowance), and a maximum carrying limit of 40 KG would be permitted.
  • A luggage weight of 40 KG (with a nominal luggage weight allowance of 10 KG) would be allowed for passengers in the sleeper class, and a total weight of 80 KG luggage would be allowed after paying for the excess.
  • Passengers are allowed a maximum luggage weight limit of 35 KG (with a nominal luggage weight allowance of 10 KG) in the second class. But, by charging for the excess baggage at the luggage/parcel department, they can carry up to 70 KG.
  • Provided are half of the free luggage allowance for their respective classes for children between the ages of 5 and under 12. In such situations, the free allowance cannot exceed 50 KG by weight.

If you find that the luggage exceeds the allowable limit, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the railway station early and ask about the office of Luggage / Parcel. (NOTE: excess luggage must be booked at least 30 minutes before train departure, allowing the holder to put it in the Luggage Van before train departure safely.) Fill out the new baggage declaration form and weigh it.
  • Pay the fare difference and get the slip that certifies the new luggage booking.
  • The slip should be kept safely and shown to the authorities if needed.
  • The extra baggage would be delivered to the brake van when booked. It is impossible to carry the excess luggage in the regular train compartment.

Certain items are not allowed on the train like inflammable, explosives, etc. whereas few items can be carried with prior permission. But there is no restriction on the food items that you take for meals. There are also no restrictions on the delivery of food on train.