Mind Weeds Will Strip You of Your Dreams

Many years ago when I first began my search for truth – before I knew that we are the creator of our lives – I sought advice from psychics; seeking what my future would hold, hoping they would give me a glimpse at some sort of fantasy life, perhaps wave a magic wand and create a deliciously new life for me; a life that I myself hadn’t even had time to envision!

Hello?! I mean in all honesty I spent a hundred percent of my time trying to figure out how I, an unemployed, high-school drop-out, single mom was going to put food on the table for my four young children, keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, the heat and hydro running, where the next dollar was coming from, noses wiped, bottoms dry, bath and story times, PVA free laundry tablets, dishes, cooking meals, house chores, yard work and a million other worries not to mention thinking about ways at preventing all the disasters that were inevitably going to strike me down!

Seriously, who has time to dream about laying pool-side, being served margaritas and getting a manicure when your mind is completely overtaken with thoughts about, oh I don’t know, how to survive in a material world when you don’t have the material you need to make it through the day!?

Manicure, yeah whatever! Back then just two minutes to myself alone would have been complete and utter bliss!

If only I knew then what I know now, I would have definitely found that two minutes of time to dream large because my life would have been filled with abundance, happiness and peace rather than stress, sorrow, pain and poverty! You see, I held a strong belief that life was a struggle, a battlefield and if there was anything bad that could happen; it would definitely find me! Every tragedy that I continually focused upon eventually happened! I was always right!

Seriously, time after time it was proven to me, so why should I believe anything different?

It is that exact type of thinking, that lack of knowledge, which brought on all my problems to begin with.

This negative way of thinking is what continually creates the same life problems for millions around the world because it is our thoughts and deeply embedded beliefs that create every moment of our lives. It is so important not only to eliminate negative thinking and think only the highest and best thoughts that we possibly can in order to create positive and loving change within our lives, it is extremely important to take the time to imagine the kind of life that we would like to have. Mind power is our creative life power!

The mind is our slave but many of us live our lives as a slave to our mind. We allow our mind to take over, run rampant, feeding the weed seed and controlling our lives. Our fears, our happiness, our emotions, our relationships, our lack, our health; everything is controlled by our mind power. It is when we learn to harness the power of our mind that we begin to create the miracles in our life; we put our mind to work for us in a positive way and unleash the positive creative power within.

Each and every one of us is an unlimited, creative source of consciousness that HAS the power to dream HUGE and ACHIEVE those dreams… when we BELIEVE in being unlimited.

What happens when we place limits on ourselves?

What happens when someone puts limits on us that we believe?

We live our life according to the ideas of others and we struggle unhappily, marching along like little robots with no minds of our own. We live below our potential just to fit in and like little puppeteers following the masses we bounce along afraid to be different, to afraid to step out of the confining four sided little box that we have been programmed to live within.

We not only allow their limits to strip us of our identity of who we truly are but we allow them to strip us of our dreams.

I’d like to share a little life story with you so you can see how I allowed the power of my mind to strip me of my dreams and then made an amazing return when I finally had my “a-ha” moment. This one experience, which appeared to be extremely negative in the beginning, was actually a major blessing that began my journey in learning how to change the way I used my mind. I know that you too can change any situation in your life once you harness your positive mind power.

Back in 2004 I was in the very beginning stages of building my energy healing business. I was excited because I was actually making money doing something that I absolutely loved doing! It wasn’t a lot of money but I felt great because I was able to stay home and raise my kids while beginning to financially make ends meet without a lot of excessive worrying.

Finally things definitely appeared to be going well in this area of my life.

It was then that I was introduced to a woman who did “Angel Readings.” It was reported from people in the community that she was an incredible reader so I made the decision to go see her.

I went to the reading filled to the brim with my bubbly personality, very happy and extremely excited! Within minutes of being within this woman’s presence my happy, upbeat personality took a major dumper. That should have been my first clue to jump up and leave but I didn’t. I stayed as I asked the question that I wanted to know. “Would my business expand?” She asked what I was doing (hmmm that’s odd; I thought she was supposed to be reading me?) I told her energy healing. She immediately said, “You will not make any kind of living or money with ‘this kind’ of business. You need to stop doing it right now; you are wasting your time. It is best that you get a ‘real job’ and leave this behind you.”