Mistakes to Avoid IVF treatment

ivf sucess
ivf sucess
IVF success



Keep the fun alive


IVF cycle definitely will make you a little tired but it does not mean you are required to stay in bed moreover, you should do more activities which will make your mind calm and relax. Most women tend to think a lot when the process starts, which eventually makes the body more stressful as it is a turning point in their life. So, don’t let the calmness die thinking about the process- do fun activities, keep yourself as stress-free as possible by doing yoga, meditations, etc.


Neutrality ‘Mantra’


Staying positive all the time is a ‘myth’ so it will not be possible to stay positive regarding the process as it is just unnatural, so rather accept both sides of the story be it the negative side or the positive side. Accept the fact that IVF success may or may not have possible results. If by God’s grace you get pregnant, it is indeed a blissful blessing and if by any chance you fail, don’t lose hope or start blaming things and people. You need to have a clear picture in your mind that it is not necessary that the treatment will work 100%, there are chances that the result can be negative so you will have to keep yourself prepared for the worst before preparing yourself for the good.


Be Well Organized


One of the most important things to keep in mind that definitely plays a vital role in the IVF treatment process and successful IVF results are that you are well organized regarding your medicines, dosage of medicines and doctor visits. Most of the doctors make a complete and close time to the time schedule for the medication along with the appropriate lifestyle modifications you are required to follow properly and regularly. Another thing is to keep extras of your medical supplies and medicines as there should not be any kind of stress of going out of supplies at the end of the moment. So, to avoid such situations and to avoid missing any medicinal dosage, keep updating the stock regularly. Further adding to the importance is the time and doctor visits, you may have last-minute lined up appointments with your doc or a counseling session or anything that takes your time as well as your keen concern. Do not get indulge in anything time taking and serious which may bring you in a situation where you have to take the stress and put your schedules on stake. Just do it the organized way to do it the right way.


Backhand Plan


No matter wherever you go, whatever you do, there is one thing that should always in hand or at the back of your mind is the “plan b” keeping in mind the worst-case scenario. Be practical about the situation and know the fact that IVF may not turn out to be successful for you but it is better to keep a backhand plan like if it doesn’t work for me then I have my second option, which is…… (fill by yourself). This thought process is indubitably practical and to not keep your hopes very high and then blame anything and everything if things turn out to be sour. So, keep the clarity of thought because it is a must.


Get Yourself Prepared


It is not like one fine day you thought of getting an IVF treatment and the very next day you are at the doorsteps of the doctor. It is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically before taking up this step. At least take a few week’s time span to prepare yourself and get IVF ready and if by chance you think that it is not the time or you are not ready then drop the whole idea for at least that moment of time. Many times it had been seen that doctors tend to force you to get your IVF done as soon as possible but do not get fooled or scared by it, rather discuss the logic behind the enforcement of the doctor and debate about it if you think it is invalid. Sometimes, people tend to go with the doctor’s advice and are not really ready for the process which can become an obstacle in conception as you need to be physically as well as mentally ready for the procedure. You can also take some natural and harmless therapies like acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation, and Ayurveda to prepare your mind for IVF.


Make distance with internet


You may get all the important knowledge and information on the internet but sometimes plenty of information regarding something can make you go crazy. There are ways given on the internet to track the chances of the IVF pregnancy and compare it with examples given by it of various cases but all this is just useless. None of the comparisons will do you any good as different bodies react to the same thing differently, do not get attracted to these temptations of predicting the results via mere Google searches. That won’t work and mostly it will turn out to be stressful and maddening. So, make a fair distance from the internet during your IVF cycle as it is one of the most important precautions taken during IVF treatment.


Lesser the age, better the stage


It is a common myth that IVF should be considered to be opted for when you are in your thirties or at a comparatively older age to be a mother, it is completely false thinking. The reason behind taking up IVF should be the infertility treatments in Sharjah condition and cause instead of the age factor. Most  people nowadays have this generalization that a younger woman should not go for IVF as it is most likely to be considered as playing with your body but there is one thing everyone should know is the fact that IVF results are higher if your age is comparatively lesser than 35 years and you should take up this method as soon as you feel the need of taking and you are mentally and physically prepared for taking it keeping aside the myth and generalizations regarding it. If you need to discuss and know about the IVF formula, then you should consider a specialist to talk to instead of any random person who claims to be knowledgeable about it but hardly know anything technical and out of myth about it. False knowledge can lead you to an utter disadvantage.