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What is the Difference Between a High Pressure and Low-Pressure Electric Hairdryer?

What is the Difference Between a High Pressure and Low-Pressure Electric Hairdryer?

Most people do not have a good understanding of the basic differences between two types of electric hairdryers, namely High Pressure and Low Pressure. There are many different ways to achieve the perfect hair dryer result, and it is necessary to determine which method will best suit your hair type before making a purchase.

The most common type of GHD hairdryer is the High-Pressure type. These are typically available with either a heating plate or a plate that sits on the base of the electric device. GHD machines use less heat than their counterpart and produce results which last much longer.

If you are interested in purchasing a High-Pressure Dye Aerated Hair Dryer, then you must consider the following factors before making a purchase. This will help you make an informed decision that will provide you with the best performance for your money.

Features of Electric Hair Dryer

You must understand that both types of laser hairdryers emit a laser beam of light that is passed through the hair using high frequency. The high frequency of the beam cause microscopic molecules in the hair to move resulting in frizz-free and silky hair. Both types of GHD products emit the same wavelength as the laser light, and this is the reason they both work so well at removing the tangles and hold ours.

An important aspect to look at when you are thinking about purchasing a GHD Hair Dryer is the actual temperature used in the device. Most High-Pressure Dye Aerated Hair Dryers will use the dryer’s highest temperature setting. This will ensure that the high temperatures generated will thoroughly soften and un-stuck the split ends as they grow out.

The number of speeds provided by your GHD hairdryer will be directly proportionate to the amount of heat required to melt the hairs. Most GHD models will provide speeds up to 1000mm/s. The higher the speed of the motor, the more damage will be inflicted to the hair due to heating of the cuticle and cortex, which can result in a drier, frizzier, and more damaged hair.

GHD Hair Dryer Models

The size of the plates, which sit on the GHD can vary. In most cases they are designed to fit inside the unit, but you should ask the seller which one would work best with your particular model. The type of plate you choose will depend on the base size of your GHD hairdryer.

The power that is supplied to your GHD hair dryer can be easily switched from a high voltage to a lower wattage for example. A higher voltage is designed to heat the oil and give a quicker drying time. By reducing the power, the frequency at which the GHD is used can be reduced.

GHD hair dryers also come with a few built in safety features. Normally these include a “buzz” sensor, which activates a warning bell to alert you when the settings are too high for your hair.

Make sure that when you buy a GHD hair dryer that you read all the terms and conditions that come with the product. These terms may include warranties, payment terms, return policies, replacement policies, and customer service options.

Finally, when you are considering a GHD hairdryer make sure that you inspect the power cord and also consider the other GHD hair dryers which you may have bought before making your final decision. Ask a good friend or relative, which is the best hairdryer for you and your needs.

These are some of the basics you need to know about when you want to purchase a GHD hair dryer. By taking the time to learn more about the various styles of GHD hair dryers and finding out what is available to you will allow you to make an informed decision on which will work best for your needs.