Why Women Desire Affairs

It’s a general impression that women are normally more loyal than men. It is said that women think from their heart and because of this they tend to consider how another person will be affected by their actions; whereas men are said to think with a particular part of their anatomy and consequences be damned (although this is not necessarily true it is the common perception). However, in this day and time there are many women who have begun to think with other parts of their anatomy who desire affairs. While 40% of married men have cheated on their wives at some point in their lives, about 20% of women want to have an affair outside marriage. This is a high percentage considering that women are not naturally infidel creatures. So that brings us to the questions…why women desire affairs?

Some recent polls conducted amongst women in this regard had some eye opening results.

While men desire affairs to fulfill a basic physical need, the women desire facebook エロ for reasons other than just physical. One of the main reasons that women would resort or want infidelity is loneliness and pain. There are women whose husbands work late nights or are out of town most of the times. There are some women whose husbands are in foreign lands. These women are lonely and sad. They feel unwanted and desolate. They ache with loneliness. An affair brings light into their lives since they feel that there is some one who cares and understands them if only temporarily. We, human beings have an innate need to be appreciated and understood. If our partners are unable to fulfill that need then there are chances that infidelity can happen.

It’s often seen that before marriage, women get a lot of attention from their suitors or would be husbands. Once the courtship period is over and the marriage takes place then this attention is withdrawn. Men think that now they have married her, she is theirs to do what they please. The thrill of the chase is no longer present and hence the spark goes out of the marriage. On the other hand, the woman feels cheated. She feels that all the love and affection shown before the marriage was a sham. In this situation life becomes a torture and some accept it, while the other women seek revenge. As a result, they look for people who appreciate them, pay attention to them and make them feel good. Hence affairs happen.

However, it has been seen that there are some women who don’t have affairs in spite of the conditions and there are some who do. What is the demarcating line and where does the difference lie?

Women who are neglected, lonely or sad thrive on attention. The moment they meet men who pay attention to them, they start gravitating towards them. They discover same tastes, likes and dislikes and start confiding their deepest problems and secrets to them. In other words, they are not consciously looking for an affair; however, they need some one to make them feel good about themselves.

While women may do it out of boredom and loneliness, some women do it out of revenge since they know that their husband’s are cheating on them. They deliberately seek out a person who gives them attention that they want.

Whatever the case, we are all humans. IF we say women do not do the right thing by cheating, then we should also say the same for men too. Women are also creatures with sentiments and emotions. Like they say “it takes two to clap”.