Your guide to latest ladies footwear

Women adore nothing as much as they adore their shoes. Even though you may have several shoes, there is always room for more in a woman’s life. There are numerous types of latest ladies footwear that every woman must own in her lifetime:

  1. Stilettos: In French these ‘needle heels’. They glam up the look of an outfit instantly and also adds a lot of elegance to it. It is quite a task for some to walk easily in these heels and for rest it is a cakewalk.. Stilettos can be paired well with slim fit jeans, evening gowns, dresses and even the very own kurta.
  2. Spool Heels: The spool heels are popular for its comfort. These heels are a little more comfortable when compared to the stilettos. These are usually broad at the very top and narrower at the bottom, making them a much more preferred for walking. This style of heel is perfect for someone who shys away from the stilettos. A huge range of these now come with pumps and peep-toes. These can be comfortably used for all your occasions and could also be with paired with your glam and dressy outfits.
  3. Wedges: The most popular choice amongst women that want to wear heels but are also looking for comfort is wedges. Giving you a larger area to balance, this makes walking pretty easy. While matching footwear with your summer dresses and maxis, wedges is a great option. Also, paring these with jeans also glam up the complete look.
  4. Loafers: If being comfortable is your only goal then one must pick up as many as possible loafers. These are great for pairing with jeans, formal trousers or even long skirts. If, styled correctly loafers could complete ones formal look. These are comfortable and snug and can make you go through the complete day on your feet.
  5. Kitten heels: These rightly named heels have a smaller length of heel and does not put so much pressure on your feet.These can be paired with something long with your ankles being visible.One could even match them with Indian outfits such as kurta sets.
  6. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are mostly fashionable, super comfortable, and yet casual. You could still look dressy and elegant when you select a plain ballerina, a sparkling one or even a dressy one. Depending on one’s selection, it can be paired with gowns, jumpsuits, dresses and even jeans.
  7. Sneakers: Sporty looking shoes for women are called sneakers. They are well suited for outdoor activities like trekking, sports, running, and even everyday work. With wide variety of styles, patterns and colours, sneakers have become the next big thing when we talk of the latest footwear for womens. Sneakers can now be purchased based on its utility, since these are manufactured for specific needs. These can be worn with either track pants, casual dresses or even shorts.
  8. Sandals: An umbrella term that is used for open footwear is Sandals. These could be strappy, sliders, heeled, or flip-flop type.

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With such a huge range of footwear that is present for women, selecting one that matches the outfit and also sits comfortable on the foot, seems like an easy task for women.